Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Blackout Hack

Hello everyone my name is Darwin, I'm sure not very many people have heard of me before but I have just recently graduated from DerVry University with my masters degree in computer science. I have learned so much at DerVry over of the past couple of years and I have always wanted to make FPS game hack. I have been doing my research lately and came to notice of the game called Project Blackout, a free online multiplayer FPS. I thought to myself this is just what I have been looking for. So I started to browse around game hacking forums and I noticed no one has ever made a real working hack. So I quickly downloaded the game and played for a few hours to get a feeling of the gameplay, ect. I was surprised of how easy it was and I wanted to make it even easier. So later the next day I started on a bypass for HackShield and succeded, with that out of the way I was able to get the addresses and I made a simple D3D menu consisting with Wallhack, Chams, and a crosshair. I have also made myself a private hack consisting of Wallhack, Chams, Crosshair, No recoil, No spread, Aimbot, Unlimited ammo, and Instant kill. All of the hacks are self explanatory except "Instant kill". Instant kill is a unique hack that kills all enemies with one shot, I will upload a video later with it in action. Anyways lets move on and I hope you enjoy my Project Blackout Hack.

Public Features:

Private Features:

No recoil
No spread
Instant kill


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